Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This little boy is so lucky to have such a great daddy! Even though today was Father's day C spent all day in the 90 degree heat moving all of J's toys from our old house to our new house. He brought the trampoline and made sure it was all put together so J could jump right away! I love him and so does J! We spent the evening together we took C to At&t to get him a new phone then to Lowe's to get a few things for the house and then off to O'Charley's to eat dinner. We got a gift card for Christmas last year and kids eat free so I knew we could eat cheap! Boy did we! It cost me 4.50 to eat tonight! It was super yummy! Now my boys are laying in the living room floor watching a movie! What a great way to end a busy weekend!

Happy Father's day to my dad's! I am so grateful for both of them! 

Love Hate Relationship

I have  love/hate relationship with these
I don't know if you can tell but there is one in the floor too!
I hate these things! I don't want them hanging in the living room or on the dresser in the bedroom which is where they were located in our old house! C on the other hand loves and is so proud of them so I tolerate them. 
When we moved this weekend I was really careful with them in the car because I know C would be mad if I hurt them in anyway but I really wanted them to fly out the window! 
Now he thinks that since we moved and we have a fireplace with a mantel he should get to have one sit on the mantel! It is totally out of the question! Not happening!! We have a little nook that we are going to use as an office/playroom that he can hang one in! 

We have officially moved this weekend! I am so excited! I can't wait to share pictures with all of you! I want to get the pictures and stuff hung up on the wall before I take pictures! And we are getting a couch from my Mamaw so I want to wait for that too! It is so nice we spent the night here last night and it was a lot quieter that I thought it would be. They are having blind hung tomorrow which will be great because right now you can see in every window! 

Friday I got this...
 It is a 2011 Camry! I am in love with this car! I am so happy to rid of my truck! 

Stay tuned of the next week for picture of our new home!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I packed the dishes.....

Wow let me just say we have a rather BUSY weekend! Friday my office helped with a Habitat for Humanity home build!
When we started it Friday morning it was only a concrete slab! It was about 95 degrees outside on Friday so I sweated off what felt like 30 pounds but in all reality it was only 3 pounds but something is better than nothing! : )

  Friday night we went into town to get pizza for dinner. On our way home I told C that if our future landlord hadn't called by this coming Tuesday or Wednesday I would call him to see how everything is coming in our new house. We ate pizza and watch a little TV. I was moving laundry from the laundry room to the bedroom to fold when my phone rang! It was the FLL!!! He was calling to tell me that they are officially moved out! The painters are coming first of next week then the carpet people then we can move!!!! So 2 weeks!! I am so excited! I have packed a lot of stuff this weekend. I packed all the extra blankets, the plastic containers and all the bakeware. I started on the dishes and glassware tonight! Slowly but surely I am getting it all together!!!

Saturday C had to work so J and I did a few loads of laundry then we headed to Mimi's to do a little swimming! Well J swam I sunned ( is that a word? It didn't tell me it was spelled wrong so maybe it is ) We hung out there for a couple of hours then we came home. I folded clothes and J took a bath because C decided he was taking to town for dinner! We ate here...
With my friend T and her daughter K. J and K get along really well so it was a fun time all the way around! After we ate we headed to Kohl's I wanted to see if they had the bath stuff for J's bathroom or if I was going to have to order it online. They had most of it there are just a few things I am going to have to order. 
This morning we got up I packed a few more things out of our closet then we packed a picnic and headed to the lake. It was J's first time going to the lake so of course you know I took pictures!!

Ignore me in this picture please!

The dam 
Checking the dam out!

After we got done C went to my uncles shop and J and I went swimming at Mimi's again! Told you it was a busy weekend!!! 
What did you do this weekend???

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!

This was suppose to post last night

Happy Birthday to my momma! She is 25 and holding! : ) We had her and H over for dinner tonight.  K and dad went to West Plains to the sale so they weren't around. We had grilled chicken, oven potatoes and corn on the cob! It was so yummy! 

We had family pictures taken back in May for mom for Mother's day. We finally got them so I am going to give you a few previews!
Mom and her kids
The whole family
I love this one! It turned out so cool!!
Mimi and her grandbabies
M2 LOVES her Mimi!!! 
J and his girls! 
The kids
The boys
Dad being well Dad! 


I need your help! As you know we are moving soon!! YAY!!! I want to get new bedding in our bedroom so I have found a few choices that I really like. So if you can tell me which one you like best maybe it will help me narrow it down!!

J will also have his own bathroom! Here are the themes that I have found to pick from

Thanks for your help!!!