Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa was good to me! How bout you??

Well I must say we made out like bandit's at our house this year.

Our second Christmas was the Sutton/Galyen Christmas at War Eagle. That is always an entertaining adventure, mostly because of the stories that are told. We had a great time! Jackson got some cars and a movie. Chris got a fleece jacket that he is super excited about because he can wear it under his rain gear at work and there were other uses for it but I can't really remember what else he had in mind for it! I got a soft fleece blanket and a new wallet! It was a great time, we missed the Seal family! But are excited for April to get here so we can hang out with them!! The weather wasn't fantastic Christmas Eve so we skipped the Christmas Eve service at church in fear of coming out to ice and not being able to get home. We drove by a couple of houses on our way home to look at Christmas lights.

My parents are at my Grandma's in Omaha so there dog is staying with us while they are gone. There may be a whole post on that later!

Christmas morning we got up to see what Santa brought us here at home! Jackson got lots of stuff! Santa brought him a trampoline but had to leave it in the shed because it wouldn't fit done the chimney, so after we opened all our gifts we bundled up and head to the shed to see the trampoline! Jackson was very excited about it, we can't wait for better weather so we can put it together and jump! He also got a game called Pop the Pig, a Magic Light brush ( it is a color wonder paint set) a build your own bird house kit, Sid the Science Kid movie, and a shaving kid! Mom and Dad just got him clothes! Chris got me new stuff for my bathroom ( new shower curtain, toothbrush holder, hand soap pump and a new rug! I am very excited about all of it!!

After we finished at our house we bundled up and loaded up Chris' truck and headed to town to Chris' parents house for the Jones family Christmas!! We had a YUMMY breakfast, my father in law read us the story of Jesus' birth from the bible and then we opened presents! I am not really sure what all everyone got from here because I was way to excited about the fact that I got my new camera! I have been begging for a digital SLR camera forever now and my in-laws bought me one for Christmas!!! My hubby as got me a big zoom len to go with it!! I know Chris got a new laptop and Jackson got some clothes and a remote control 4-wheeler.

Our 5th and final Christmas was the Ardemagni Christmas, Jackson got jeans and a farm set from Grandpa Scott and Grandma Rhonda, which at the moment is scattered all over my living room! Oh well we will clean later!! All and all it was a fantastic Christmas. We managed to be able to get everywhere we needed to go even with the weather!

I know what you are thinking you got new camera and there are NO pictures with this post! Well there will be picture later, I am still learning how to operate the thing!

What did Santa bring you??

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wii got a Wii for Christmas!

Coming from a big family like I do we have several Christmases! Usually we do Christmas with my mom and dad Christmas morning but this year they are going to see my Grandma Kay in Omaha for a few day so we did Christmas with them last night. I am sad to say I forgot my camera so I missed taking pictures of J opening his presents along with being able to take picture of everything everyone got! Oh well! I will do better tonight at our 2nd Christmas!! It is the Sutton/Galyen Christmas so I know there will be tons of entertainment!!

This is what we got from my parents! You don't know how excited I am!! I have off for 2 weeks and wasn't sure how I was going to entertain Jackson.

Chris boxing!!

Jackson waiting his turn.....

Bowling his favorite....

Jackson took my picture....

He was so into it!

Funny story: Chris is playing baseball on the Wii and is yelling at the TV!! He would bat and the other team would catch the ball and he would be out. He would yell " What " " Are you kidding me ". I was laughing so hard I was crying!
I see many nights and weekends of great family fun! If you have a Wii what games do you suggest?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Need to vent for a moment

I am just a little frustrated at the moment. I did a favor for my brother and his girlfriend last night by keeping Madelyn and Mayson. I love keeping them don't get me wrong. My frustration comes from the fact that they just drop them off, not bothering to call and tell me they were on their way. They just show up! Next they don't they didn't feed them dinner and don't bother to tell me this. Third the girls have NO clean clothes in their bag. By the word NO I mean NOTHING, NADA, ZERO. I dug through the bag and found PJ that were sorta clean. I would never send my child anyway without clean clothes that fit and to at least say " Hey he hasn't eaten yet". To top this whole dessert off both girls are sick. Snotty nose, awful coughs. I think Mayson may have stopped breathing a few times last night because she is so stopped up. Once again no medicine or even a heads up that she sounds like a 85 year smoker when she coughs.

Ok I am done. I just need to vent a little. Thanks for listening or reading I should say.