Thursday, April 22, 2010


I apparently should blog more often! I just realized I have 2 new followers!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Picture Day!

Today I took J to take some spring/summer pictures of him. He isn't much of a studio picture taker so I thought this would be easier on both of us.... Well here are a few of the shots I got......

Know let me just say these are not the greatest picture I took today! I am still editing the ones I really like. But this is the smile I got for almost every picture. The cheesy smile but hey I knew what I was working with when I decided to do these. He was more interesting in exploring. I swear this kid found his new Disney World today! They have automatic gates and he fell in love with them! He is now insisting on us getting automatic gates for our driveway! I love this boy but we will not be getting gates for our driveway! Silly kid!! : ) As soon as I am done editing the good pictures I will post some of them!

I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine this weekend! I ended up with a farmers tan on my arms totally not cool!! 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Picturepoolza

Coloring eggs
I think we had to many color choices! 

He loves this part of Easter

I can't remember the brand but the colors were amazing

Brown was a color choice! Who wants a brown Easter egg?
Egg of love!!
Showing off his Easter eggs!

I heart this boy!

Checking out what the bunny brought!
He got flashcards and a workbook

Please excuse the hair?!? He just woke up
M1 and J jumping rope at Grandpa S and Grandma R's house

KJ and J coloring with sidewalk chalk
M1 checking out the artwork
L watching too!

L, J and M1 waiting for KJ to get done hiding the eggs
M2 was ready with her basket!
C and B 
I just love those 2 boys!
Look at that sweet face!
This picture makes me giggle!
B is always looking for trouble
Ready to hunt eggs

Not bad!
The whole A crew! Well not the whole crew but most of them.
M2 waiting for someone to open the egg so she could have the candy!
Easter wore him plum out!

She is a mess!
Hanging out in MiMi and Pa's yard
I love these 3!! I took like 30 pictures and this is the ONLY one that they are all 3 looking, M2 doesn't have her leg in the air (she wanted her shoe back on) and M1 isn't showing her panties! They are a mess but I LOVE them!

I hope you didn't get picture overload but I wanted to share them all!!

Coming soon: Oh I don't know I will think of something!! : ) I hope everyone is going to enjoy this fabulous weather this weekend!!