Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I want Wednesday

Beth over at But Oh So Me did her post today on I WANT: so I am following in her bloggy footsteps and doing the same!!

I want:
One of these so I can get skinny again!

One of these.... simply because this is about what I want!

I want to take J here:

I want a few more things but I am tired of searching for pictures : )

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Random Random

Oh it is Tuesday again! Which means I get to ramble a bit!

* Can someone please tell me why my inbox is going to my spam mail and my spam mail is in my inbox? 

* And why am I getting PENIS ENLARGEMENT emails??? Last time I went to the bathroom which was about 5 mins ago I didn't have a penis?? STRANGE!

* On to Facebook. Why am I only getting updates from certain people? And why is it certain people that I don't ever see. I want updates from family that I don't see much. Not people I went to HS with that I NEVER see

* Why if you can't pay your bills and take care of your 2 children would get a dog or buy tattoo equipment when you don't tattoo?? Seriously gets under my skin!

* I took a vacation day yesterday to hang out with my favorite blogging cousin Cole, only to realize that Friday is Good Friday and my office is closed so I only have to work 3 days this week!!!

Ok that is enough rambling for now!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I most certainly did NOT go pay the water bill while still in my monkey PJ pants and no bra on! I would never wear my husbands hoodie hoping no one would notice.

I would never go to Wal-Mart everyday this week to get one or two things because I am to lazy to make an actual list. Nope I wouldn't do that!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


* is it a requirement to wear biker leathers while driving a Honda Accord? Saw a guy at the gas station that had on leather chaps and a leather bikers jacket driving a Honda Accord today

* saw a license plate today that said SAMS MOM. I hope Sam doesn't have siblings if so I bet they are pretty mad about mom choosing Sam over them!

* It snowed on Saturday and Sunday. Monday and today it was in the low 70's! crazy

* J is spoiled! Mimi bought him 2 new Wii games with extras on Sunday. Grammy bought him new Puma's today! 

* I want a new pair of tennis shoes! Just realized today that I have had the same pair for almost 5 years!

* Stacy and Colt are coming over Friday to eat dinner and visit! Stacy is going to color my hair for me! I am so excited!!

* in t minus 6 days I get to spend time with one of my favorite cousins! Yay for Mommy time!!!

* Hubby and I are going on a date this weekend! My dad and step mom have scheduled J this weekend! I am so excited to get to spend adult time with my favorite man! 

* a girl at work got DHS called on her and she was bragging about it! I told my boss to please not leave me in a room alone with her because I was liable to get fired for punching her in the face!

* today when I was a Famous Footwear looking at shoes there were several hispanic kids in there that were taking shoes outside! It was funny because the workers didn't know what to do! They kept going and getting the shoes and bring them back! 

* my new favorite drink of choice: Mike's Hard Berry! YUM-O!

Monday, March 22, 2010

a VERY happy 4th birthday

Today is my niece M's 4th birthday! I love this girl like she was my own. Here are pictures from her birthday bash at JumpZone yesterday! 

The birthday girl!
M2 thinks she is one of the big kids too!

She wasn't sure about it once she get in there!
I said let me take your picture.... this is the look I got!

Squeezing through
J's turn!
M2 and her daddy Jump Jumping

Jump Jump!
M going down the tonka truck slide
Group shot! 
Pretty smile!
Birthday cake!
M and her birthday cake!
M2 with her favorite person, her Mimi!
This girl loves her Mimi!!
Singing happy birthday!
Blowing out the candles!
They were trick candles so daddy had to come to the rescue!!
Waiting for some cake!!
M with all her presents!
Showing off some of her goods!!
M2 sporting her new shades!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What the heck?????

I swear I thought someone said it was SPRING! I had dreams of flowers, green grass and getting to play outside! Instead I woke up from my green flowery dreams to this nightmare!

That's right it is freakin snowing! It started snowing yesterday about 4:30ish and hasn't let up much! It will snow a while then it sleets then it rains then it starts all over again! 
It is awful! 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oops I have been so busy.....

I forgot about my blog!!!! Between t-ball practice starting, Chris being at school 4 night a week and me making a ton of these....
I haven't had much time to do anything! So I will just recap on where I have been for the last 3 weeks.

Well J and I went to Kansas City with my mom and sister K to watch K at a JamFest competition. She did get! Her squad placed 2nd! Here are a few pictures from our short trip.
The night view from our hotel room
Good thing G was there too! J had a playmate all weekend
K getting her make-up done!
J with his light up glasses on, he wouldn't hold still long enough for me to take a good picture of him. So this is what I got!
K up there doing her thing!
The gloomy day view from our room! It was suppose to be nice while we were there but it was freezing and gloomy the whole weekend
More pictures of K doing her thing!

On the way home we apparently were driving through the set of a remake of the movie The Birds
I am not kidding when I think we saw a million birds! Here are a few of the pictures I took I would post them all but there are like 20, I only took that many to prove to my husband that we saw that many birds. It was totally creepy!

Is it not totally creepy!!
Anywho back to what I have been up to.....

Well after we got back J had his first t-ball practice of the season! We love Coach Jimmy, Amiee, Roy and Jaime! And this year Chris is going to be coaching as well so that make this year even more fun! As soon as the weather is better I will be posting some practice pictures. We have had 2 practices so far and both have been cold and windy so it has been short practices.

Not alot has happened this week, been pretty calm. The most exciting new this week is that H my middle sister is offically a SOONER ( we are forgiving her for choosing to go to OU instead of Arkansas, it has something to do with what she wants to major in, she doesn't want to have to switch schools half way through college apparently Arkansas doesn't offer all the classes she needed and OU is the closest to home for her!) So I see a ton of girls weekends with my mom and I traveling to Norman to visit H! Congrats H we love you so much!!! P.S. she is graduating HS in exactly 2 months from this coming Monday! I still am in total shock!
My second bit of exciting news is that K made the Jr High Cheer squad this week! She has faithfully done try-outs the last 2 years and been heartbroken because she didn't make it, well not this year! My baby sister will be a freshman and a member of the cheer squad! We are sooooo proud of her too!! So look for tons of pictures from that adventure!!

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate my niece Mayson's 4th birthday at JumpZone so tomorrow nights post will be cram packed with fun pictures!!

Well I am off to wake the sleeping boy and find something productive to do! I have been on the couch all day watching movies! I know rough day right!!

Hope all is well with everyone!