Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So you may or may not have seen this offer...
Shutterfly will give you 50 free holiday cards if you go HERE fill out there form and blog about your favorite products!!

So here are a couple of my choices...

I love the fun colors that they have. I am all about the reds and greens for Christmas but throw in a fun pink and little blue and the just pop! I looked at every card sample they have and let me tell you there are a ton that I wanted to pick but I only have a limited time to blog tonight! But you can go check out what they have for Holiday Cards or here for Christmas Cards. Good luck picking just one!

I thought that these would make a great gift for the great grandparents! I am so bad about sending pictures regularly to them, but this way they could see a whole year of photos at once! They have some seriously cute designs too! I am tell you these Shutterfly people make choosing super hard!!

I have used Shutterfly once before with basic picture printing and they turned out great! I can't wait to see how our Holiday cards turn out!! Now if I can pick just one card! I may need some help with my choosing so come back in a few days and I will have a few for you to pick from!!

For now I am off to bed!!

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