Sunday, November 7, 2010

How I spent my Sunday......

I will start by saying I am terribly sorry that I haven't blogged in a while. It seems that we have been so busy but I can't remember one thing that we have done!
My second apology is that I am about to vent and it isn't going to be pretty. I am sorry for the anger that is coming with the post.

I am going to take you back in time to July 2008.... under circumstances that I now know weren't as dyer as someone told us they were.... We bought our first home... It was too small and needed A LOT of work... We purchased the home and 2.28 acres we got a great price for it but at the time we didn't have to sticks to rub together but we jumped in with both feet and it was MISERABLE! 2 months after we signed papers C and I hit a mountain in our marriage and separated for a time. So here I was with a house that I HATED and I was a single mother who was working full time and explaining to a 3 year old why Daddy no longer lived with us.. It was hard..... The house is 2 bedroom 1 bathroom around 1000 square feet..... It has hardwoods through the whole house except in the kitchen and bathroom.... It had some NASTY linoleum it was awful...... the people who lived there before us I have decided were not human it was awful... They had a caged animal of some kind in the living room and the cage was sitting directly on the hardwood floor... I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed to get it cleaned... we eventually put the TV cabinet of the top of that stop so that we wouldn't see it or have to walk on it.... NOT to mention they were smokers so the whole house stunk... anyway C and I worked over our mountain and he moved home.. we worked very hard to fix the stuff that needed to be fixed that were in our budget... we painted all the rooms... C's parents gave us the gift of central heat and air ( which was like winning the lottery because we heated with wood and had a window unit) ( oh did I mention my child has asthma so heating with wood is a nightmare we had croup every time we turned around ) We still had a ton of work that needed to be done but we worked on one thing at a time it was hard work but next we completely gutted the bathroom and did a total remodel.. We lived with my in laws for a week since we only had one bathroom and it was literally in pieces we had to go some place else... After finishing that we figured that we could do anything.... Some of the things on our list to do were put on a new metal roof and to replace ALL the windows with ones that didn't let all the bought air out! : )..... Most of all this happened of a years time..... I will now take you to February 2010 my maternal grandmother who lived in Omaha Nebraska had heart surgery and wasn't doing well.. My mom in no uncertain terms told Grandma she would be moving to Arkansas so that we could take care of her... Our house wasn't in the school district we wanted to C and I talked about it and decided that we would rent a house in our desired school district and my Grandma could rent our house from us it's about 2 miles from my parents so it was perfect for her given that it's just her and her live in boyfriend and their 2 cats a 2 bedroom house is perfect... So C and I start hunting for a house to rent... we search and search and search to the point where I almost gave up and figured that it wasn't going to happen... then my aunt called me one day and said that her boss and his wife have a house in ODSD ( our desired school district ) that they wanted to sell but since the market wasn't great they wanted to rent.... It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.. We have GREAT landlords!!! Anyway... We schedule our move for June and my Grandma's for July... We moved in our new home the last weekend of June it's great we love it... 2 weeks later we all pack up and drive 8 hours to Omaha to pack my Grandma and move her down south... I say pack because as of that Friday she hadn't packed anything and she knew we were coming for 6 weeks! It was the worst experience of my life it was 100 degrees and they had NO AC in their house... We do a marathon packing job and get them loaded up and that Sunday we headed south.. Now let me say I had told my Grandma this was an old house and it was a work in progress she would have to be patient with us on things getting done I showed her pictures of the inside of the house and she was excited... They get done here and her " boyfriend" decides that he hates it and they we are robbing them of the money we were asking for in rent... We are only asking for the monthly payment not one cent more... He said that I told them it was a new home and that the only reason we wanted to move was because of ODSD... Totally not true anyway to make a even longer story a little shorter my parents agreed to put a new roof on the house.... well it rained and my dad was out of town for a couple of weekends so the roof getting put on wasn't happening quickly ( things never happen on a schedule around our house ) well apparently boyfriend decided that he was going to have words with my dad about the situation and it turned into a disaster.... Skip ahead to this past Tuesday by dad went by the house on his way to feed cows and there is a U-Haul in the yard and they are packing their things into it... Here is the part that makes me angry... I still haven't heard a word from them.. They took all the keys and the payment books and left... They didn't bother to even call my mom or aunt to let them know they were moving... So now not only do we have to make our rent payment but we now have to make our house payment with out having that income to even it out! If they didn't want to live there they could have just said we are moving at least I could have had the time to look for a new renter.. Anyway today C and I took J to his Mimi's and went over and cleaned and helped my dad put the new roof on.. I did nothing to help with the roof I am scared of heights but I did fetch tools or screws whatever they needed while on the roof... It looks so good but I am still without renters and the 15th is fast approaching so please pray that something happens quickly...

Sorry to make you read all this nonsense but I feel a little better getting all that off my chest!!

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